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Assess and Validate Cyber Defense Readiness

Get a unified view of your security posture and continuously measure threat exposure so you can understand your readiness and focus resources on the threats that matter most.

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Save Time. Save Resources. Reduce Risk Faster.

Continuously Monitor Threat Exposure

Teams are challenged to proactively measure threat exposure to ensure that their defended environment is always optimized to defend against prioritized threats. With automation and advanced analytics, you can:

  • Eliminate weeks or days analyzing readiness each time a new advisory, threat or request appears on the horizon.
  • Replace spreadsheets and manual processes with automated threat exposure analysis within minutes not weeks.
  • Maximize resources to analyze, prioritize, and respond to threats faster.

Automate and Operationalize Threat Intelligence

Fully integrate creditable threat intelligence across your entire technology ecosystem to inform all aspects of your security infrastructure:

  • Automate your threat intelligence team to gauge defensive readiness with speed and accuracy.
  • Quickly determine which adversaries are likely to target your organization and understand their TTPs.
  • Add context to the performance of defensive controls.

Analyze Defensive Capabilities with Threat Context

Automatically track changes in relationships between your defense surface and threats likely targeting your organization to signal a shift in your security posture before an attack occurs to:

  • Understand your defensive capabilities in the context of the relationships between threats, security controls, and vulnerabilities.
  • Determine cyber readiness against the latest threats and immediately pivot into remediation of identified areas of exposure.
Explore Interpres Threat Exposure Management

Explore Interpres Threat Exposure Management Platform

Understand your defensive capabilities in the context of the relationship between threats, your security controls, and vulnerabilities.

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Maintain a Proactive Security Posture Against the Threats likely Targeting Your Organization

Gain situational awareness through an automated, intelligence-led threat exposure management technology. 

  • Quickly determine your threat exposure to achieve a proactive security posture against the threats that matter most.
  • Get the most out of your existing security program and investments with early actionable insights.
  • Accelerate your time to readiness to proactively fix gaps in your defenses rather than reactively post-breach.

Interpres measures the dynamic relationships between the threats targeting you and your defenses to determine your threat exposure.

Customer Case Study

Understanding Cyber Readiness with Interpres Security

Co-Founders of Interpres Security discuss the origin story around the Interpres Threat Exposure Management technology and the central problem it solves for–Determining Cyber Defense Readiness. An Interpres CISO customer adds to the discussion on how Intrepres is laser-focusing his team to gauge threat exposure and ensure their cyber defenses are optimized to defend against the threats that matter most.

See How Organizations Like Yours are Improving Their Time to Readiness:

Fortune 500 Insurer


Previously 4-6 Weeks

Fortune 500 Defense Company


Previously 4 Hours/Day

Fortune 500 Global Manufacturer


Previously 3 Weeks


White Paper: The Foundations for Continuous Threat Exposure Management

Learn why automation and threat prioritization are necessary to properly assess, configure, optimize and align current security tools to optimally defend against advanced threats in a timely manner.

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Have you assessed your defense readiness?

This blog highlights the key components and resources required to conduct a Defense Readiness Assessment (DRA).

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Understand your cyber defense readiness in a matter of minutes and not days.

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