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Threat Exposure Management: Prioritizing Threats for Strategic Defense

Michael Jenks, Co-Founder and CTO | Interpres Security & Ron Eddings, CEO | Hacker Valley Media

Watch this on-demand event featuring Michael Jenks, Co-Founder and CTO of Interpres Security and Ron Eddings, Head of Hacker Valley Media as they discuss how Gartner defines Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) programs. Starting with a real-world scenario, Mike and Ron discuss the benefits and potential stumbling blocks of CTEM programs, and illustrate the advantages of adopting a “Yes, and…” approach to CTEM. The conversation was designed with CISOs and Threat Analysts in mind, as a well-implemented CTEM program can inform business leaders and security teams, reduce costs, and increase ROI for threat-informed defensive strategies. To learn more about how Interpres Security helps organizations validate and monitor their CTEM programs, visit