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Focus on the Threats That Matter Most

Interpres operationalizes TTP-based cyber threat intelligence to help organizations reduce threat exposure. The Interpres Threat Exposure Management Platform analyzes the dynamic relationship between all defensive and adversarial capabilities, prioritizes actions, and optimizes the security ecosystem, so you can focus on the most relevant threats.

See how Interpres can help you:

Assess Cyber Defense Readiness

Focus readiness and relationships on the likely threats targeting your organization

Ensure Defense Surface Optimization

Ensure your detections and preventative controls match the threats targeting you

Prioritize Exploitable Vulnerabilities

Prioritize exploitable vulnerabilities being leveraged by your adversaries that target organizations like yours.

Monitor Threat Exposure Trending

Continuously monitor the relationships between threats, vulnerabilities, and defensive controls –including visibility, detections, configurations, etc.

Learn how you can gain an unbiased view of your security posture and optimize your defenses against the threats that matter most!

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