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Interpres Security: Self-Guided Platform Tour

Analyze the Relationship Between Cyber Threats and Your Defensive Measures

With its threat correlation and deep insight, Interpres Security provides a dynamic understanding of an organization’s unique threat profile, defensive  capabilities, and alignment to active threats.

This helps security teams understand where they have gaps in coverage or detection capabilities and gives the organization an accurate way to measure and continuously monitor threat exposure.

Explore the Interpres Threat Exposure Management Platform to see how you and your team can start focusing resources on the threats that matter most.

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Explore How Interpres Enhances Cybersecurity Strategy:

Understand Your Defense Readiness
Gain insights into your preparedness for likely threats targeting your organization. 

Ensure Defense Surface Optimization
Align your detections and controls with specific threats.  

Prioritize Vulnerability Intelligence
Focus on exploitable vulnerabilities leveraged by adversaries targeting organizations like yours.  

Maintain Continuous Threat Exposure Trending
Get real-time situational awareness by continuously monitoring. 


Learn how you can gain an unbiased view of your security posture and optimize your defenses against the threats that matter most. 

Interpres Provides A Unified View of Your Security Posture So You Can:

  • Understand Which Threats Are Likely Targeting You
  • Assess Cyber Defensive Readiness
  • Prioritize Exploitable Vulnerabilities
  • Continuously Monitor Threat Exposure
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