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Threat Exposure Management:
How it Works

Our data analytics platform, threat profiling, and ecosystem controls weaponize adversary and defensive capability relationships to prioritize the required defensive actions to optimize security tools already in use.

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Operationalizing Threat Intelligence Across Your Ecosystem

Interpres automatically curates TTP-based finished threat intelligence from 50+ sources to provide operationalized context across your security ecosystem, so you can:
  • Automate your threat intelligence analyst tasks and leverage actionable TTP-based threat intelligence with speed and scale.
  • Quickly identify threats and exploitable vulnerabilities likely targeting your organization and understand the adversaries’ TTPs.
  • Determine your level of cyber defensive readiness against prioritized threats to optimize your defenses.

Focus Your Defenses on the Threats that Matter Most

Interpres produces a continuous, threat-informed view of your entire defense surface by merging, analyzing and optimizing preventative controls, configurations, telemetry, detections and mitigations with TTP-based threat intelligence to show where adversaries will most likely attack.

ANALYZE: Analyze the dynamic relationship between defensive and adversarial capabilities, assets and vulnerabilities.
PRIORITIZE: Prioritize recommended actions to harden your defenses against the threats likely to target your organization.
OPTIMITIZE: Optimize your entire security ecosystem to continuously improve security posture, reduce costs and minimize overall threat exposure.

Maintain Situational Awareness of Your Defensive Capabilities With A Threat-Informed Approach


  • Establish a threat profile for your organization 
  • Understand baseline defensive capabilities  
  • Get detailed insights on cyber breaches and cyber threat actor groups  


  • Identify threat actor groups, malware families, and TTPs that are targeting organizations like yours
  • Map vulnerabilities by exploitability
  • Receive continuous recommendations


  • Optimize defensive capabilities against threat vectors
  • Identify and map relationships between adversarial TTPs and telemetry
  • Maintain situational awareness to detect changes to threat exposure 


Outcomes of a Threat-Informed Defense Strategy

Companies like yours are using Interpres for:

Cyber Defense Readiness

Assess your defensive readiness and focus resources on the threats that matter most. Automate your threat analysis process to determine your readiness within minutes, not days.

Defense Surface Optimization

Maintain situational awareness across your environment to identify gaps in security controls and track and remediate change. Action prioritized recommendations to optimize your existing tooling and defensive security posture.

Prioritized Vulnerability Intelligence

Understand which vulnerabilities are actively leveraged by adversaries that target organizations in your industry vertical and prioritize those that pose the greatest threat to your organization.

Defensive Tool Configuration Drift

Monitor for changes in detection, security log, and security tool configurations to ensure your defensive ecosystem does not regress over time. Know when defensive changes occur so you can take corrective action before you miss malicious activity.

EDR Technical Migration

Supercharge your EDR migration as you move from one product to another by ensuring rule sets, detections, alerts, and other settings transfer seamlessly across technologies. Quickly identify gaps and misconfigurations to maximize investments.

MITRE ATT&CK® Automation

Automatically map detection coverage to adversarial techniques, malware families, and threat groups continuously via read-only API. Instantly understand MITRE ATT&CK coverage across your defensive ecosystem.


Generate custom reports for FREE, including a Baseline Threat Exposure Report and MITRE ATT&CK ® Coverage.

Immediately analyze your defensive capabilities and asset exposure to: 

Automate Mapping to MITRE ATT&CK® 

Baseline Threat Exposure 

Assess Cyber Defense Readiness 

Prioritize Exploitable Vulnerabilities

Interpres insights

Explore the latest insights and resources to help your organization stay ahead of vulnerabilities and adversaries.