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New Capabilities to Mitigate Threat Exposure and to Continuously Validate Cybersecurity Defenses: Q2 2024 Product Update

Interpres Security releases major platform updates at RSA 2024, adding new capabilities for improved threat exposure management including the Interpres AI Assistant, the ability to automate MITRE ATT&CK mapping, and custom baseline exposure reporting.

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The growing number of cybersecurity vendors with point offerings versus an ever-expanding threat landscape is seemingly a tale as old as time. Today, CISOs and cybersecurity practitioners have employed brute force methods of defending against ALL threats to an organization, purchasing every product to protect every endpoint, just to realize that gaps still exist, necessary capabilities are disabled, or the most pertinent threats are not being prioritized. Further, the headache of managing the full gambit of cybersecurity tooling is weighing heavier than ever on practitioners, and the proof is in the numbers.

In an industry survey of cybersecurity professionals, 55% claimed they experience stress at work half of the time, which in 21% of cases, leads them to consider leaving the cybersecurity field altogether.

At Interpres, we pride ourselves on putting our customers’ needs first while being a trailblazer in Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM), which is why we are thrilled to announce numerous product enhancements to our patented, multi-tenant SaaS offering, the Interpres Threat Exposure Management Platform, including the brand new MITRE ATT&CK® analysis component, Interpres AI Assistant, custom baseline exposure reporting, EDR policy improvements, and a new free 30-day trial.

MITRE ATT&CK® Analysis

The unveiling of the brand new Interpres MITRE ATT&CK® Analysis component allows for automatic mapping of detections and security controls to MITRE ATT&CK® to view prioritized techniques, understand levels of detection coverage, and identify gaps in security defenses. Affording security teams the comfort of the familiar ATT&CK® UI view, the new ATT&CK Analysis component color codes various techniques corresponding to the organization’s level of coverage, allowing for quick digestion of the most pressing issues security teams must resolve.

Further, security teams no longer need to sift through thousands of techniques to uncover the most critical TTPs to defend against.

As part of the MITRE ATT&CK® Analysis component, security teams can apply filters based on priority scoring, allowing for expedited resolution of security issues in an era when attacks are being launched at unprecedented speed and scale.

The AI Assistant will also show recommended prompts to further the conversation, simplifying shoring up cyber defenses for inundated security teams.

Interpres AI Assistant

AI is the buzzword of 2024 in cybersecurity, and the broader technology world. The launch of the Interpres AI Assistant will redefine the way SecOps teams are managing exposure management on the front lines of their organizations. An LLM-powered chatbot, the Interpres AI Assistant provides real-time security recommendations that immediately support exposure management, helping organizations focus on the threats that matter most.

Augmenting the work of SecOps teams, the Interpres AI Assistant provides context of the organization’s defense posture and attack surface, so the user can understand where security gaps and misconfigurations exist.

Custom Baseline Exposure Reporting

We have all seen traditional exposure reports – they are complicated, often difficult to read and filled with FUD. With the latest updates to the Interpres platform, security teams can fully customize their exposure reports to include top ransomware techniques and other high-priority threats. Breaking down the report into layman’s terms, the custom baseline exposure reporting feature allows for as simplified or as complex of a view of the security stack, as needed by SecOps teams, to ensure the entire organization is on the same page.

As Gartner predicts by 2025, 50% of cybersecurity leaders will have tried, unsuccessfully, to use cyber risk quantification to drive enterprise decision making.

The custom baseline exposure reporting feature aims to ensure that prediction does not become a reality, allowing for clear and concise reporting of an organization’s threat exposure.

Improved EDR Policies

We hear it all too often that a breach could have been avoided if the existing security tools had just been configured correctly. Improved EDR policies within the Interpres Threat Exposure Management Platform allow customers the visibility into misconfigurations within existing EDR solutions in the security stack, providing the context of organizational assets to determine exactly what is misconfigured, why the misconfiguration exists, and recommended corrective actions.

It’s becoming a cybersecurity cliché that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but with improved EDR policies, organizations no longer have to hope and wonder if their existing security solutions are configured correctly.

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See firsthand how the new feature enhancements in the Interpres Threat Exposure Management Platform can help your organization immediately reduce your time to assess defense readiness capabilities from weeks to minutes. Meet Interpres Security in person as the cybersecurity industry converges in San Francisco for the RSA 2024 Conference and other events.

The team will be on site for meetings and events including BSides San Francisco 2024, the ISSA Cyber Executive Forum, RSA Conference and FutureCon’s Bourbon & Banter event:

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