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Optimize Your Defense Surface

Identify gaps, misconfigurations, and hidden capabilities in your cyber defenses against the most likely threats to your organization. Quantitatively measure your threat exposure, detect changes in your environment, and prioritize actions to optimize your security posture.

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Accurately Measure and Tailor Your Security Defenses

Ensure Defensive Capabilities Are Aligned to Key Threats

  • Map adversary behaviors to your defenses.
  • Assess visibility, detection capability, and security tooling against relevant threats.
  • Quickly identify gaps, misconfigurations, and hidden capabilities.
  • Continuously monitor threat entropy across your environment.
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Track and Remediate Changes in Your Environment

  • Maintain situational awareness to detect changes in your tech ecosystem.
  • Know what changed across your security stack—configurations, detections, controls, and log collection in real-time.
  • Understand how changes in your environment affect your security posture.

Save Critical Time and Resources with an Optimized Security Strategy

  • Optimize your ecosystem to prevent, protect, detect threats in the right places saving critical time and resources.
  • Know what vulnerabilities to patch, security controls to enable, and security tool configurations to mitigate threat.
  • Leverage reference detection logic to expedite your detection engineering process.

Know the Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Security Program

Quickly identify gaps in your defense posture

Surface missing telemetry

Identify changes in your environment and get insight on the impact to your security posture.

Get recommended actions to bolster defenses against the threats that matter most.

Explore Interpres Threat Exposure Management

Explore Interpres Threat Exposure Management Platform

Understand your defensive capabilities in the context of the relationship between threats, your security controls, and vulnerabilities.

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