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Interpres Threat Exposure Management Platform

Automate Continuous Threat Monitoring

Know your vulnerabilities and uncover the most dangerous actions that adversaries are planning against your organization.

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The Interpres Threat Exposure Management Platform operationalizes TTP-based threat intelligence to help teams prioritize vulnerabilities and threats and optimize their defense surface.


Identify threats targeting your organization to defend against malicious tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs): 

  • Establish a threat profile for your organization 
  • Gain baseline defensive capabilities  
  • Get detailed insights on cyber breaches and cyber threat actor groups  


Protect your organization against the most relevant threats: 

  • Identify threat actor groups, malware families, and TTPs that are targeting organizations with similar threats 
  • Map vulnerabilities by exploitability 
  • Receive continuous recommendations


Evaluate and optimize your security posture for threat mitigation, visibility, and detection: 

  • Assess defense capabilities against threat vectors 
  • Identify and map relationships between adversarial TTPs and telemetry 
  • Maintain situational awareness to detect changes to threat exposure 

How It Works

The Interpres Defense Surface Management Platform combines controls into a unified view of prioritized activity to combat threats and minimize risk.
The automated feedback loop provides security teams with steps to harden systems before an incident occurs.
Interpres Platform Features

Interpres Exposure Index

Interpres Exposure Index continuously identifies areas for improvement, ensuring your security team is ready to protect your business at any time.

Threat Exposure Scoring

Automatically profile your organization’s exposure to adversarial techniques, malware families, and threat groups.

Defense Posture Scoring

Score your defensive capability against prioritized threat vectors with seamless security stack and cloud integration.

Asset Exposure Scoring

Gauge the assets in your defense surface and scanning technologies by identifying vulnerabilities in every possible network element.

Gain a Leading Advantage with Continuous Exposure Management

The patented agentless, sensor-less continuous analytics engine seamlessly connects to existing security products. This solution can be deployed as:

Interpres SaaS

  • Delivered in AWS cloud
  • Includes Implementation & Customer success program
  • Customer-managed software subscription
  • Deployed in <1 day

Interpres On-Prem

  • Deployed in customer infrastructure
  • Includes Implementation & Customer success program
  • Customer-managed software subscription

Interpres Defense Surface Diagnostic

  • Turnkey service with customized reporting
  • Analysis of where adversaries will most likely attack
  • Includes prioritized defense actions

Interpres insights

Explore the latest insights and resources to help your organization stay ahead of vulnerabilities and adversaries.