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Interpres Threat Exposure Management

Operationalize Threat Intelligence to Reduce Threat Exposure

Gain the evidence you need to focus on the most relevant security threats targeting your organization.

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Interpres Security Named to the Enterprise Security Tech 2023 Cyber Top 20 Awards List

We are very excited to announce that Enterprise Security Tech named Interpres Security to its 2023 Cyber Top 20 awards list! This list recognizes the top cybersecurity companies providing the most value to the market based on technical product/service innovation, industry analyst recognition, customer testimony, diversity and inclusion initiatives, talent development initiatives, and giving back to the cyber community.

Featured Whitepaper

The Foundation Required to Properly Implement a Continuous Threat Exposure Management Program

Learn why automation and threat prioritization are necessary to properly assess, configure, optimize and align current security tools to optimally defend against advanced threats in a timely manner.

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Defend Against the Cyber Threats That Matter Most

Interpres helps leading security organizations operationalize TTP-based threat intelligence and arms enterprises with quantified cyber threat intelligence, specific to your unique profile, so that you can better defend critical assets.

Our automated, evidence-based platform analyzes the dynamic relationship between your defensive capabilities and adversarial threats, prioritizes recommended actions and optimizes your security ecosystem.

With continuous threat monitoring, organizations can reduce the amount of time it takes to identify new and emerging threats and quickly take steps to mitigate them, moving from a proactive security effort rather than a reactive approach.

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Get an unbiased view of your security posture


Analyze the dynamic relationship between defensive and adversarial capabilities, assets and vulnerabilities.


Prioritize recommended actions to harden your defenses against specific threats that will most likely target your organization.


Optimize your entire security ecosystem to continuously improve security posture, reduce costs and minimize overall threat exposure.

Reduce cyber threat exposure. Protect critical assets.
Streamline your defense.

Defense Readiness

Understand the relationships between your defense surface and the threats most likely to target your organization, to enable continuous situational awareness of readiness backed by metrics-based evidence.

Prioritized Vulnerability Intelligence

Mitigate exploitable vulnerabilities in your environment that your adversaries are targeting to reduce your risk exposure.

Executive Reporting

Deliver metrics based on the defensive capabilities and communicate risk exposure as a sum of your operations and threat exposure to all levels of security leadership.

Defense Surface Optimization

Ensure detective and preventive controls match the threats targeting you. Get proactive recommendations and prioritized actions to continuously improve your security posture, eliminate gaps, reduce costs, and optimize existing investments.

The threat landscape is evolving.

Optimize your defenses and reduce threat exposure with Interpres.

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Explore the latest insights and resources to help your organization stay ahead of vulnerabilities and adversaries.