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Omdia Research Report: On the Radar with Interpres Security

The Interpres Threat Exposure Management Platform offers effective ways to identify and remediate cyber threats.

Threat management is one of several prisms through which enterprises seek to identify and understand the risk facing the organization and whether that risk is acceptable. Three specific topics—vulnerability management, threat management, and risk management—are closely related and, in many ways, build one upon another in support of successful enterprise risk management.

In this Omdia Research Report, Curt Franklin shares his findings on how being able to determine threat exposure is a critical component of cybersecurity risk. The Interpres Exposure Management Platform is helping organizations implement a threat-informed strategy by operationalizing TTP-based threat intelligence sources to put threats in context. Thus, allowing an organization to prioritize threats, vulnerabilities, and the steps to take to deal with the risk they present. With continuous monitoring and automation Interpres Security can help security teams understand the number of campaigns relevant to a given vulnerability, the techniques that are applicable to those campaigns, how frequent the campaigns have become, what the existing defense surface looks like, and then how the organization should figure out what to remedy first.

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