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Interpres Defense Surface Management

Right-Size Your Defenses to Reduce Threat Exposure

Gain the evidence you need to focus on the most relevant security threats targeting your organization.

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Defense Surface Management: The Foundation Required to Properly Implement a Continuous Threat Exposure Management Program

Learn why automation and threat prioritization are necessary to properly assess, configure, optimize and align current security tools to optimally defend against advanced threats in a timely manner.

Defend Against the Cyber Threats That Matter Most

Our automated, evidence-based platform analyzes the dynamic relationship between your defensive capabilities and adversarial threats, prioritizes recommended actions and optimizes your security ecosystem.

CISOs and security practitioners use Interpres to optimize investments, prioritize campaign threat mitigations and improve defensive control surfaces to apply equal pressure to threats that matter most to your organization.  

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Get an unbiased view of your security posture to help reduce threat exposure


Analyze the dynamic relationship between defensive and adversarial capabilities, assets and vulnerabilities.


Prioritize recommended actions to harden your defenses against specific threats that will most likely target your organization.


Optimize your entire security ecosystem to continuously improve security posture, reduce costs and minimize overall threat exposure.


Reduce cyber threat exposure. Protect critical assets. Streamline your defense.

Stay Ahead of the Threat with Continuous Context

Optimize your defense with context customized to your organization’s unique threat risks. As your threat landscape changes, Interpres provides prioritized actions so you can focus on what matters.

Expose Risks with Evidence-Based Analysis

Target critical vulnerabilities and take charge with evidence-based analysis. By looking at your defense surface and IT infrastructure, Interpres can provide detailed defense recommendations.

Gain Clarity with a Threat-Focused View

Understand the constantly evolving relationship between your defenses and your most critical threats. Interpres analyses these connections and strengthens your processes to fill security gaps.  

Achieve Full Situational Awareness with Unbiased Support

Get a holistic, unbiased view of your security ecosystem. Interpres makes it our mission to provide you with a full-context assessment of your current defense capabilities.

The threat landscape is evolving.

Right-Size your defenses and reduce threat exposure with Interpres.

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Explore the latest insights and resources to help your organization reduce threat exposure.