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SEC Cybersecurity Regulatory Actions & The Modern CISO

Recent Cyber Enforcement Actions and rulings by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) will have dramatic effects across the CISO landscape.

These actions have increased the CISOs exposure to lawsuits for failing to assess, identify and manage risks and threats across their cybersecurity programs. Additionally, it exposes the CISO to employees that may disagree with the cybersecurity program and direction via the Sarbanes-Oxley Act  (SOX) by empowering them to execute whistleblower activities.

Continuous Threat Exposure Management is a program designed to reduce  risk by scoping the attack surface, discovering assets, prioritizing the most likely threats, validating that a vulnerability is exploitable, and the mitigation is sufficient, and finally, mobilization – ensuring that the organization is positioned to act on the remediation. Threat exposure management provides the CISO with the programmatics needed to successfully prove that their program is well-reasoned and defendable.

This whitepaper outlines how the modern CISO can shift to a proactive security strategy with the ability to automatically assess, identify and manage threat exposure.

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