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Operationalized Threat Intelligence: A SANS First Look

In this SANS First Look Report, Matt Bromiley examines the challenges in evaluating exposure risk in this ever-changing landscape & aligning and analyzing the relationship between cyber threats and defensive measures in place.

Aligning an organization’s security posture to the threats that matter is often easier said than done. It is manual and tedious to take information from a threat intelligence source and convert it into actionable, realized defenses. So much so that it is rarely implemented correctly to provide feedback to the security team.

With its threat correlation and deep insight, Interpres Security provides a dynamic understanding of an organization’s defense capabilities and alignment to active threats. This helps security teams understand where they have gaps in coverage or detection capabilities and gives the organization an accurate way to measure and continuously monitor threat exposure.

The paper looks at how Interpres can help you:

  • Focus mitigations against likely threats rather than try to protect against “everything.”
  • Direct security spending to capabilities that help you strengthen, not weaken, your posture.
  • Examine and improve your current security controls against likely threats.

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