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SANS First Look: Operationalized Threat Intelligence – Optimize Defenses to Combat Threats

Michael Jenks, Co-Founder & CTO | Interpres Security
Matt Bromiley, Instructor | SANS

It seems that every day cyber attackers come up with a new technique or tactic to breach victim organizations. It can seem daunting for security teams to keep up with the constant barrage of the latest threats and capabilities. Despite the best-laid plans, adversaries can still find a way in if security teams don’t prioritize their investments against the tech that protects against the threats targeting them.

In this SANS First Look virtual event, we look at Interpres Security – a platform built to help organizations examine their current security posture and how they compare against the latest threats and vulnerabilities. However, Interpres goes a step further, by automating the processes of operationalizing TTP-based threat intelligence and focusing on threats targeting your industry or vertical – allowing your security team to identify and defend against the threats that matter.

We’ll discuss how Interpres can help you:

  • Focus mitigations against likely threats rather than try to protect against “everything.”
  • Direct security spending to capabilities that help you strengthen, not weaken, your posture.
  • Examine and improve your current security controls against likely threats.

Join Matt Bromiley of SANS and Michael Jenks, Co-Founder & CTO of Interpres Security to learn about Interpres and how they are helping organizations focus on building the right security posture.