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What’s New in the Interpres Threat Exposure Management Platform: Q1 2024 Product Update

Today we are excited to share our Q1 2024 product updates and newly released features in the Interpres Threat Exposure Management Platform. We think that these features will enhance our customers’ ability to defend themselves against the threats that matter most by continuously analyzing, prioritizing, and optimizing their security posture.

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Interpres Security launched out of stealth-mode in December 2022… And since then we’ve been hard at work building and expanding the Interpres Threat Exposure Management Platform and delivering unique features based on customer needs. We’d like to detail some of the new and exciting features coming to the platform. We think that these recent feature releases will enhance our customers’ ability to defend themselves against the threats that matter most by continuously analyzing, prioritizing, and optimizing their security posture.

Notional Data

We think it’s vitally important to start with a complete and accurate picture of a customer’s security posture. To accomplish this, we have 35+ integrations with leading security products that connect to your products via API with read only permissions. These integrations continuously poll for changes in your security posture, letting you know when something changes, or if anything is unoptimized to address your unique threat. This is the only practical way to validate your security strategy, optimize your product stack, and improve your defensive capabilities by minimizing your threat exposure.

Notional Data, or data gathered from a third party (such as an Endpoint Detection and Response vendor), is not enough on its own to make decisions about your security posture or threat exposure. This is because no security product is configured the same across organizations. However, we do believe Notional Data can be beneficial as another data point and in cases where it may not be possible to connect to a security product.

To this end, we now allow customers to choose to display Notional Data that is collected from third-party vendors as well as MITRE ATT&CK Evaluations. This will help customers to better understand the capabilities of their security products and make more informed decisions.

Threat Intelligence Integrations

Within the Interpres Threat Exposure Management Platform, we freely provide TTP-based threat intelligence from 22+ various sources. This allows us to provide customers with the most recent campaign data across the threat landscape. However, we’ve heard from customers that they would like to leverage threat intelligence from the premium feeds that they already have access to or pay for.

We now support threat intelligence integrations that allow customers to connect to their threat intelligence products and use that data within Interpres. We are shipping an OpenCTI integration and are currently working on others. Understanding your readiness as it relates to adversarial campaigns has never been easier.

Customizable Detection Mapping

Nowadays most vendors map their detection rules to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. However, we’re still seeing some vendors distributing detection rules that aren’t mapped, incorrectly mapped, or are using old versions of ATT&CK. The Interpres platform automatically looks at each detection rule to map detections to MITRE ATT&CK and update any mappings using the old versions of ATT&CK to the newest. This has worked well, but we’ve found that some customers wish to map detection rules themselves or even modify or ignore the vendor mappings.

With this release customers can now freely customize the detection rule mappings by manually mapping a detection, ignoring the vendor mapping, or ignoring the Interpres platform’s automatic mapping.


These are just a few of the features we’re primed to release. Stay tuned for our next Product & Feature Release Update with even more exciting capabilities. Customers with a current account receive updates at no additional charge.

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